Well known as the first sight of Alaria seafaring visitors see, Baerün is a surprisingly small town for the amount of goods that travel through it. The town has the largest docks in Alaria, which are protected by the Gate to Alaria, but only supports a population of 4000 residents. Of course, the number of people present in the town at one time easily tops 8000 because of the docks.

Location and Layout

Baerün is located on Alaria’s southern coast, almost directly south of the capital. Directly out from it is an unnamed islet, known only by the gates built on it.

The docks take up the majority of town, easily half the town sits over the waterside. A 15 ft stone wall surrounds the outside of the town, meeting with the sea. The entire town is protected by it, only the stables sit outside. The stables also host a grand inn known as the Traveler’s Rest. It is most famous for the large dining room that is cleared for dance nights when troupes are performing, and is a grand attraction for the multitude of sailors that stop at Baerün to get temporary relief from the sea.


Even though the majority of trade good run through Baerün, very little is actually traded within the town itself. As soon as it is unloaded, caravans take all goods straight up Capital Way to the capital. The number of goods that can be traded and sold within and around Baerün is limited by capital law so that the capital is the most profitable city in Aleria. Therefore, most residents provide services such as massages, entertainment, cleaning services, or meals. Food is exempt from the limit rule, so some of the best restaurants can be found in Baerün.

The docks are the largest on the south side of the continent, bringing in ships from all over the world. They also attract illicit activities as a result. It is believed that the Alerian thieves guild is based here, though no real proof exists.


Baerün is small, but filled with a vibrant history. It started as a small elven trading post when tribes still traveled the plains. The one building location was built for the tribes to trade with seafaring foreigners. It was not housed all the time, but as a tribe passed through, they would stay a few weeks to trade. Because of this shared space, tribes would come to settle disputes. It was therefore named Baerün, or ‘shared place’.

After the centaurs left the forest for forgotten reasons, Baerün became the center of signed treaties as well as settling disputes. The centaurs taught some of the tribes how to farm, and the one building location slowly grew into a full settlement. The now-town had by this time created a small name for itself for trade ships as a location to get unique elven trinkets, centaurs’ scrolls, and bison bone tools.

Once humans invaded the eastern lands of Wolfshead, the elves of the plains called for a temporary truce for peace talks. At this point, the humans were at a standstill with the other races. Baerün once again served as the location to settle the dispute. It was here that the territories of Wolfshead were established under the Wolfshead Accordance. The territories and countries still retain the basic look that they had after the signing of the accordance, minus a war here or there.

Because of this varied history of constant trading, many relics of the past remain hidden within the walls, creating a pull for adventurers beyond the busyness of the docks.


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